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Change of Time

With the passing of time comes change. my ideas for this blog have evolved. I do not just share about Eric, but I share with topics that I feel are relevant and have been placed on my heart. Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.

Forgiving Murder

COVID - 19


Voice of reason

I am creating this page with the help and support of my son, Matthew, and my daughter, Kaeleigh. I am tired of watching all the injustices in our world and never saying anything. I do not think that I am going to change the world with one website, but maybe I could touch one person at a time and perhaps make some of the world a better place to be.

I am your basic stay at home mom. But, I have not had the basic everyday life. I could write a Hollywood movie with some of the bizarre events that have happened in my life. It is my goal to help make our world a better place to be for my three beautiful children, my family, my friends, and everyone out there. I am only one person, but I am a person with a voice. I hope to use my voice as a reasoning tool.

When on this webpage the only things I ask of you are your respect and to realize this is important to me. This is not a joke, And, I would appreciate it if you do not treat it as one.

When there are issues that you would like to reply to please feel free to do so. I may not check my site daily because of other responsibilities, but I will try to keep some what up-to-date.

This webpage came to me I am certain because of prayer. I have been praying for the Lord to show me how I can turn my anger and hurt into something productive after my nephew, Eric, was murdered. It has taken 2 1/2 years for me to realize what I need to do. The pain that has gripped my family and I in the past couple years has nearly crippled us all. If I can get the message out that we as a society need to be held accountable for our actions, then my purpose for this webpage will have been fulfilled.

I am certain without a doubt that God has a plan for me. I really don't know all the details yet, but in time He will reveal it all to me. I know that some of you now are probably getting uncomfortable with all my "God Talk". That's okay. I am struggling with telling you all about it. I don't want to sound like a religious fanatic or bible thumper. Also, some of you will probably wonder how I get off sounding so "Holier than Thou". I mean really - I swear, I have a drink, and sometimes I am a complete bag. Not a real standup Christian am I? Guess what - NO ONE IS! We all sin, even the most saintly of us all. Sometimes to be honest Christians can be the biggest hypocrites going. I know I have fallen into that category. That is why Christ went to the cross - to redeem us from our sins. I also feel that what I have to say is relevant to anyone. You do not have to be a Christian. You just have to care about our world.

I will be posting random thoughts and concerns. Whatever hits me the day I go on the computer is probably what you will hear about. I am really new to all of this so there will be some learning and tweaking along the way. For technical support, thank God for Matt.

Please come and be part of my small endeavor to make the world a better place for everyone.

God Bless - Anita


Check "my perspective" for latest voice of reason concerns or thoughts.

Please go to the my perspective tab to check out all the latest Voice of Reason articles and current events. I will post what has been placed on my heart at the time. I will update it as new things arise.

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