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Youth are our future we must all nurture them and guide them. they deserve our love and respect.

mellow out!

Do you just need to mellow out? What do you turn to for relaxation? Marijuana? Marijuana is not a herb - it is a DRUG! All the "acceptability" in the modern world today does not change that. It has side effects that last a life time. PLEASE research (and not just pro marijuana sites) you will find compelling information. Alcohol? Alcohol is legal and it has side effects that can last a life time as well if used irresponsible.

Friends, movies, music, sports, hot bathes, karaoke, hiking, yoga, counselors (if needed), parents(if supportive), role models, books; all have side effects PLEASURE! Lifetime side effects include: coping skills, healthy bodies, and high levels of self worth. What are you going to mellow out to?

I want to hear from you!

Hey Guys!

My wish for the Voice-of-Reason is to reach the needs of youth. I want to be proactive and positive for your needs. I am of the opinion that a lot of the time "adults" can disregard the value of our youths ideas and visions. If you have a thought, an idea, or a suggestion that you feel would benefit my presentation PLEASE let me know. I would love to get your perspective and feedback.

You can contact me personally at:

Thanks - Anita

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